We, Tim and Jaclyn Horan are serving as Missionaries, in Azaculpa Honduras as StepUp Honduras. We are part of The Journey Church in San Jose California, sent by GoYe Fellowship. We have served in Central America for five years, during 2004 to present and are currently full time in Honduras.


StepUp Honduras - Welcome

You can watch our video on YouTube by clicking here.http://vimeo.com/29540938

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Our desire is to help the people of Honduras understand who they are in Christ and all He would have for them. They are so hungry to learn but have few resources. They want their children to grow up with hope but often do not know where to start. We spent much time in prayer and considering what God would have us to do, and know that full time on site presence is necessary to make a substantial difference.

We have not lived perfect lives, far from it. But it is the Father’s great forgiveness and love that drives us to share that love and grace filled life with others.

Honduras is a mountainous land in the center of Central America with coastal plains on the Caribbean and touching the Pacific Coast. It is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with the second fastest growing AIDS epidemic.  Read more...

About Honduras

Establishing God's truth in the hearts of His people through love and encouragement.